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Our courses are designed to encourage learning about tangible and collaborative approaches that lower the costs of undertaking AR4D while improving its relevance for environmental decision making. Discover our courses and join the family of next-generation leaders making a difference around the world.


Our courses were developed based on lessons we are drawing from implementing several international projects including a review of the CGIAR Big Data Platform and the Theory of Change Observatory on Disaster Resilience with support from the US National Science Foundation, United Kingdom Research and Innovation and Sao Paulo Research Foundation. 

This initiative is teaching us that environmental science and environmental policy are like two ships that pass each other in the dark. Both have a lot to learn from each other. For this to happen we must have a modus operandi that is built upon a unifying framework. This course will introduce you to five building blocks as outlined below.

•    Mapping intensity of climate trade-offs
•    Constructing climate typologies
•    Constructing a composite climate resilience index
•    Mapping climate hotspots 
•    Constructing a monitoring ladder based on institutional responses to climate induced trade-offs

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